How It Works

You purchased our Personal Job Coaching Program; what happens now?

Meet your personal job coach

After purchasing the HireVision coaching program, you will receive a confirming telephone call from a HireVision personal job search coach. In addition to welcoming you, your coach will have a preliminary discussion of the status, nature, urgency of your current job search. This will provide a sense of whether you need your job search sessions to be condensed or spread out to accommodate your particular circumstances.

Answer some simple questions

At the end of the first phone call, you will be emailed two questionnaires: 1) One is designed to get background information on your job history, status and job search to help us determine a plan that's best tailored to your specific situation. The second questionnaire lists 27 different job search categories that pertain to undertaking an effective job search strategy. You will be asked to rate your familiarity and perceived need in each of these categories.

Review your personal career strategy

With the above information, we will formulate your personalized coaching strategy. This will be used to coach and guide you in areas intended to make your job search more effective.

Take action!

At this point, we will schedule and begin conducting your one-on-one job search coaching sessions. These sessions will be conducted by phone between you and your coach. As part of these sessions, you will be emailed "job search tools" to support particular areas of your search.

The total time of three hours coaching you have purchased can be utilized in a number of ways or segments. For example, you may elect 3 one hour sessions, or 6 half hour sessions over a determined period of time. Since this is a one-on-one personalized coaching program for you, flexibility for your situation is built in.


The purpose of this note is to share with enthusiasm the experience I had while working with a Career Coach at Hire Vision.  My coach helped me navigate my job search process while seeking new opportunities and increased my awareness around so many things as it relates to conducting a productive and efficient job search in today's market.

I found myself in a position where I needed to reinvent myself and make a career change given the economic downturn many have been impacted by over the past several years.  Charles was instrumental in helping me think through the types of industries I should target given his intimate knowledge around industry trends.  What sectors were growing vs. stagnant and, of course, the obvious sectors to avoid.
Our discussions and dialogue were critical to shaping the approach I needed to take to land the best job opportunity for me.  Charles walked me through every facet of a job search.  He provided excellent feedback on necessary changes to my resume, shared the most effective internet searching strategies, and helped me through the various interview processes.

Without the clear and concise direction provided by Charles, I am certain there would have been some missed steps on my part that may have prolonged my search for a new position.  I needed a clear game plan and Charles helped me design a great one!

I cannot thank you enough for all of the sound advice and tremendous tools you shared during the time we worked through this together.

Jeff – President/CEO Chamber of Commerce

Still have questions?

If you would like to discuss more information on how the HireVision job coaching program works, please call us at:1.888.880.1613.

*Consists of three (3) hours of telephone support and coaching that must take place within three consecutive calendar months of order date. Additional time may be purchased when original three (3) hours expire at a special subscriber rate.