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HireVision is an affiliate company of All About People.

All About People was co-founded in 2002 by Sherri Mitchell and Charles Mitchell, who together have quickly catapulted the company to become one of the fastest growing and most well respected recruiting firms in the industry. With over 110 years of combined headhunter experience, Sherri and Charles have developed a team of professionals who provide subject matter expertise within a variety of functional and industry verticals.

All About People's team of professionals has placed thousands of people into jobs and provided a wealth of job search coaching through the years. During that time, All About People identified the key obstacles that prevent people from getting hired. All of this vital knowledge has been channeled into HireVision, and the Get Hired program has been created just for YOU — a program designed to help you OVERCOME OBSTACLES that may be preventing you from getting the job you want.

Job search issues that created the need for HireVision

All About People is a full service hiring organization engaged by corporations looking to make hiring decisions. The firm's core business is to source and screen candidates in an effort to make solid hiring recommendations to our corporate partners. Inadvertently, over the past 9 years the recruiting team at All About People has delivered thousands of hours of job search coaching while working with applicants during the interview process.

Since the inception of All About People, our team has received countless requests from job seekers on the need and desire for additional one-on-one coaching. We understand the level of frustration, uncertainty, and confusion that is experienced while conducting a job search. Job seekers in general have no idea what the most effective and efficient way to conduct a job search is in today's economic climate. Unemployment hovers around 10% nationwide, companies continue to downsize, and most job seekers start to lose hope. Working with one of our job search coaches you will have a new game plan and sense of how to land the job you desire. Undoubtedly, you will be re-energized and regain the confidence you need to tackle this process.

Bottom line, we heard the message loud and clear and crafted an effective program to give clarity, accountability and support to the job seekers who choose to work with a best in class job search coach. The purpose of our Get Hired Program is to give you the guidance and tools you need to lead a productive job search that will help you land the job you deserve! By the way, 80% of all job opportunities are hidden. Did you know that? Most don't. We will teach you how to find these jobs that the rest of the world will never learn about!

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*Consists of three (3) hours of telephone support and coaching that must take place within three consecutive calendar months of order date. Additional time may be purchased when original three (3) hours expire at a special subscriber rate.